Quantum AI Test: These payment methods are selectable!

Users click on the ready „Deposit“ button to make the payment. Immediately, all currencies available for deposit appear. Moving coins from a private crypto wallet or another crypto exchange is possible free of charge. The transfer only takes a few minutes.

These three different e-wallets are supported by Quantum AI crypto exchange:

  • Exchange Wallet: one of the most popular wallets supported by Quantum AI Crypto Exchange.
  • Margin wallet: can be used for margin trading
  • Funding Wallet: used for funding funds
  • Quantum AI Experience: Fees

In the Quantum AI test, it turned out that no fees are charged for opening an account. Likewise, the deposit is free of charge. The company has published an overview of all costs charged for withdrawals per cryptocurrency. However, charges are not demanded for all digital payment methods.

The prices are requested in the currency that is traded. The transactions are also charged with a fee. The expenses are always calculated for one month. They are based on the total trading volume. However, users should keep in mind one peculiarity: the higher the traded volume, the lower the fee. The percentage amount is usually between 0.2 and 0.0 percent of the traded amount. However, the costs are much higher in percentage terms for a margin investment. These can amount to up to 20 percent of the traded sum.

The broker obviously wanted to prevent clients from using the platform as a private wallet. Therefore, an inactivity fee was introduced. There is little to be found about the amount of this fee. However, users must give their consent to the collection of these costs during registration.

The fees distinguish between two transactions:

  • EMaker fee
  • ZTaker fee

Traders who dispute a high trading volume can reduce their maker fee to zero percent in some cases. But what do the two different fees mean?

Maker fee

The maker fee is due when an order is placed. This is immediately recorded in the order book.

Taker fee

Anyone who wants to buy coins on the platform must pay a taker fee. The position is liquidated in the order book after the transaction. Subsequently, it will be taken out.

Quantum AI Review: How good is the customer service?

If you have any questions or problems, the first thing to do is to read the FAQ on the website. If no solution can be found there, it is necessary to contact the customer support. Users can leave a message using the contact form on the company’s website. The answer will be provided within a short time. Moreover, Quantum AI crypto exchange employees can be reached via social networks. After logging into Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, a message can be sent via the messaging system of the respective application. The website is available in three languages. Besides English, Chinese as well as Russian can be selected.