Webinar on Digital Citizenship in Bolivia

On August 19, at 5 PM (GMT-5), the webinar „Institutional Use Cases: Digital Citizenship in Bolivia with AGETIC (Agency of Electronic Government and Information and Communication Technologies Bolivia)“ will be held. This was informed by the organizers through the Meetup group of Hyperledger Mexico City.

The initiative, promoted by Hyperledger Latin America, will count with Erick Poppe Yañez, research professional Bitcoin Trader in data and information management.

They carried out an e-voting experience with Blockchain at a university in Bolivia

The organizers invited to this meeting highlighting the e-Government and ICT Agency of Bolivia and pointing out: „We will have the privilege to listen to Erick Poppe Yañez about the benefits of using Blockchain technology for public sector admission and the implementation of smart contracts that protect and give privacy to citizens‘ personal data“.

Rolaz Group CEO: „People’s economies should not depend on the economic policies of a government“

About Hyperledger Latin America
The Hyperledger Latin America Chapter is created with the objective of contributing to the growth of the Hyperledger community in the region, promoting Hyperledger projects and providing a platform for joint collaboration, mentoring and support in blockchain technologies. As well as disseminating, showing and expanding the range of projects and initiatives associated with Hyperledger to be shared with the entire Spanish speaking audience.